Believe it or not: jelly sandals are coming back. More fashionable than ever, this summer essential is taking over the fashion scene and we can prove it. 

Photos: @blancamiro

According to Vogue the 'Méduse' (french for jellyfish) was designed for the very first time in 1946, during a post-war leather shortage. Other sources claim the shoes were born out of the plastic boom in the late ’50s. Anyways, the fun footwear was only really popularised in the ’80s, when colour-pop and often-synthetic fashion was pumping. 

Photos: @alexachung and @tylynnnguyen

We don't love it, but...we don't hate it. It brings special memories back and after seeing our favourite girls rocking them again - some in a VERY chic way - we found ourselves browsing 'jelly sandals' in the nearest online shop. So here is a few or our choices, to be worn at the water's edge or in town.

Crystal Gucci ones - yes or no?

Celine with a very classic, very chic option

Last but not least, Alexa Chung x Juju collaboration

What's the verdict? Are you hoping in the trend? 

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