One year ago I moved to a new country and went into a full home office routine - and I've been struggling since then. I lost the strength to commit with myself and work on the things that I've planned, from the smallest to the biggest task. Straight on self-boycott. 

So I've decided that today (even though is already Monday 8:30PM) is the day that I'll start something different: 5 different intentions every week. Short term plans. There are no rules, I can go small or bold - let's see where my mind takes me. 

I'm tricking my own mind to finally commit to the things that I know deep inside will help me live a better, healthier, full life. I thought to myself: putting it out there is like a first step. And I took it, so here are my intentions for this week: 

- drink 2 litres of water/day 

- wake up 8am

- stretch for 5 minutes everyday

- stick to 2 coffees/day (really though one for me, it's usually around 4-5)

- run 15k (not in one go)

Let me tell you in advance that the day is almost over and I didn't go for a run so it was not a great start - and I also still need to stretch! 

I'll come back later with updates. Wish me luck. 

J x

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