My mom started her own activewear label in Brazil back in 1983. She used to make and sell bikinis during summer and leggings and fitness leotards (if you know, you know) in winter. As you can see in the picture, I was one of her favourite models and I've been rocking matching outfits and scrunchies for a long time now. It is a life-time relationship with an active lifestyle and activewear. I love it, I wear it all the time and that's when I feel most beautiful: sweaty in my leggings.

Matching bottoms and scrunchies since 1986

My mom is a strong, active, stylish, powerful woman - a true girl boss back in the 80's up to today. So this is just an appreciation post for her and everything she has done. A big thank you for being my major inspiration. I have my own label now and I only wish that I can be as inspiring as her - not only to my future kids but also to as many young women around the world as possible. 

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