It can sometimes be intimidating to turn up to a yoga studio and see everyone else with their well-worn yoga mats as they settle into a perfect pose of the child. But we all start somewhere - and if your dream is to become a yogi, here are 5 pro tips to keep you going:

1. The only way to get started, is to get started
Much has been written about the positive feelings you get as you finish a yoga class, and the only way to forge your path towards regular yoga practice is by braving your very first class. 

2. Seek out a class that’s labelled for beginners
Newcomers that heading to a beginners class is the best way they are going to see results. Having the teacher there correcting your alignment and guiding your breath is crucial when you are learning.

3. There’s more than one style of yoga, so keep going until you find the one you love

You should choose your style based on what you want to achieve. You can go for a sweaty workout just a relaxed session.

It’s not just about exercise
If you’ve already braved your first class, you’ll know yoga isn’t all that easy. Yoga isn't about the poses only, it's a lifestyle. 

5. It can replace your weekly exercise class
Don't be fooled though - Yoga can be both a self-care activity as well as your go-to exercise class. A nice secret weapon can be an Apple Watch. It's great to see how yoga is actually a great workout.

And always remember: practice makes perfect :)

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