Find out what are the 3 mind tricks that will help you change your life, focus on what’s important and build the life you want.

habits for a better life

1. Develop positive thinking
It is the keystone habit that will help you pursue  the other important habits. Positive thinking by itself won’t lead to success, but it certainly goes a long way to motivate you to do the other things required
2. Focus on one goal
There is no doubt that focusing on one task at a time is more effective, and so is focusing on one goal at a time. It might seem very difficult but this is the most powerful way of achieving your goals. Focus and energy are two critical components for achieving goals and shouldn't be spread around.
3. Eliminate the non-essential
Identify the essential: things in your life that are most important to you, that you love the most. Then eliminate everything else. This simplifies things and leaves you with the space to focus on the essential. 

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